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L'Estartit is a tourist town situated at the foot of the Montgrķ Massif in the Costa Brava. It is some 60 kilometres from the French frontier at Le Perthus.

Now an important tourist center, l'Estartit evolved thanks to its port over the centuries, during which period, the town exported many of its products (Wheat, rice, wine, …) to the big cities such as Barcelona. In time, l'Estartit developed its infrastructure, its businesses and activities such as tourism.

Nowadays the village offers many diverse activities thanks to its rich heritage. Situated on the coast, l'Estartit has a beach 5 kilometres long, and made of fine sand and is ideal for children due to the shallow water in this area.
In l'Estartit, there is something for everyone.
One of its principal attractions is anything to do with the marine world. The commencement of diving clubs in the town has opened up the discovery of a new universe ; that of the underwater world. Remain on the surface with a tube and mask, or go to the bottom of the seas with a mask and oxygen tank. Whichever way, the marine world is always fascinating.

Indeed, these activities permit divers to see or approach various species of fish and coral, or underwater caves formed by limestone erosion. For those who wish to discover the marine world in a more tranquil way, l'Estartit offers numerous excursions on glass boats with the possibility of dining on board (only on the MARINA PRINCESS) whilst observing the marine life. There also exists the possibility of fishing from the boat.

Moreover, the sea offers the possibility of trying out water skiing, kayaks, going into the marine caves and discovering the coastline of the Montgrķ and the Medas Islands. Lastly, the fans of such sports can take advantage of the combination of winds and sea to practice windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing.

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